The Idea is to Plan Meals Ahead!

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Similar to finding the best cell phone plans, planning meals ahead takes time and organization. However, it can save you lots of time in the end. Taking the time to work out a meal schedule can also save you money if you’re not running to the supermarket for ingredients, or to a fast food restaurant for quick meals.

Getting in the habit of sitting down once a week when things are quiet in order to make your meal plan has several immediate benefits:

- You can make one trip to the grocery store instead of several.
- Take advantage of sales to buy in bulk.
- Maximize leftovers by planning them for a meal later that week.
- Reduce your stress at dinner time by having a firm plan.
- Save money by not having to eat out as often.

To get started take an inventory of what ingredients you have on hand. Look through your fridge to find out exactly what is already there. Then look at your weekly schedule; don’t plan to make an elaborate dinner on the days the kids have piano lessons or such-- hot dogs and macaroni and cheese is just fine from time to time.

One night a week plan to make a double portion of a casserole or something else that will freeze. That way, you have one less night of cooking the following week and can just whip out that casserole and have it hot and ready on nights when you’re crunched for time.

Another option is to set aside one day on the weekend to cook and freeze the meals for the week. The downside to that is you lose a day out of your weekend when you could be spending it with your family. However you choose to handle the daily meals you will save yourself much time, energy and money if you plan ahead!


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