The Red Gift from Dad

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I need a new laptop that I can use for my work and just the perfect timing because my friend told me about the HP Laptop fair at Mall of Asia where they are selling HP laptops at discounted prices and it even comes with a free Globe Tattoo broadband kit.

So when my husband and I got the chance, we went to Mall of Asia to check it out. I only want a small laptop since I want that I will be able to carry it with me when we go out or when we travel as my work heavily relies on Internet connection and on my laptop. So when I saw this, I know that it is the one:


My new HP mini. Maybe it is the red color that attracts me with it. LOL. The screen is only 10” and since I am used to the 17” and 22” monitor that we have in the office, I find the screen a little small at first. But what do I expect, I want a compact laptop so I have to sacrifice a few perks. But the specifications are ok for the work that I do with it: Intel Atom N470, 1 GB of RAM, 250 GB of HD space.

I actually was having second thoughts at first but then hubby said that he will pay for it and so who am I to say no to blessings right? LOL.

Thank you again dad for your gift. I really love it.


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