My Breastfeeding Tools

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It is my second day at work today. Since my target is to breastfeed Cobi for a minimum of six months, I continued expressing milk even while at work. So everyday, I brought along with me my breastfeeding gadgets:

• My Electric Breastpump – This was a gift from my Twitter and Bebot friends. I am really glad that I got the electric pump because it is so much easy to use to express milk. If I have the manual pump, I might be needing compression stockings for my hand as it gets a little painful when expressing milk two to three times a day for 30 minutes per session.
• My Milk Storage Kits – So I can store my milk and freeze it while I am still at work and just bring it home so Cobi has milk for the next day.
• My Fridge to Go – I bought this from Indigo Baby online site and it has a cooling performance of up to 12 hours so I can see to it that my expressed milk is in a cool compartment when I bring it home from the office.
• My Milk Trays – I tried using it today but it takes longer for the milk to freeze using this as compared to freezing milk in the bottle.

I am happy that Cobi is still getting breast milk even if I have to go back to work already. I just hope that I will really meet my goal of breastfeeding Cobi for at least six months.


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