Cousin Moving to Manhattan

Posted by abie on 10:09 PM in
Recently my husband's cousin in New York has been looking at finding a new place to live. Everybody knows it's expensive to live in New York, but he's totally in love with the city and wouldn't want to settle down anywhere else. He's looking at some new New York condos for sale in Harlem that look really nice. He was telling my husband that they have private security entrances and they're close to all sorts of fun places. It's right there in Upper Manhattan close to all the train lines and with plenty of good places to eat nearby. It would give my husband and me a nice place to visit when we go to the US, lol.

He was telling us how now is a great time to buy because companies are making deals since the real estate market has been down. Even so, there have been new developments put up lately, and the developers are working hard to get all the condos filled. Interest rates have gone down to stimulate the economy, and he's afraid if he waits too much longer he'll end up paying a lot more, especially for a luxury condo in Manhattan.

The place is really nice. He says it's adjacent to a hotel, it has its own gym, and there's a rooftop terrace lounge area that has some amazing views. Because it's so close to the subway station, it's easy to get from there to anywhere in Manhattan, or even off the island. He got me excited talking about it. I hope we can make it out to New York to see the place if he ends up buying it.


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