iTouch for Her

Posted by abie on 11:06 PM in ,
I am so sorry if there are times that I don’t reply to text messages right away. You see, Bela has been so addicted with the games and applications on my iPhone that I don’t get to use my iPhone when I am at home. Sometimes I will find out that I have a text message after a day or so when Bela is not busy playing with it and so I get the chance to check on the messages.

I admit that partly it is my fault since I installed dozens of games for kids on my phone so she has something to play with when we are on the road. But ever since she tried playing the games on my phone, she got hooked that the first thing that comes out of her mouth when she welcomes me when I arrived home from work is “Mom, can I play with your phone?”

I was telling hubby that Bela should have her own iPhone. But since it is a very expensive gadget for a five year old toddler, maybe we should just get her an iTouch instead. Her birthday is coming soon so maybe this is a perfect birthday gift for her.


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