The Story of our Door Knob

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We have a new door hardware. My husband, Bela and I are out that night as we attended the send-off party hosted by our good friend Meg for Fr. Lito at their house in Cavite. We were having a good time catching up, enjoying good food and listening to CB as he plays good music for us while he plays the piano when I thought of checking my phone and I was surprised to see that I have sixteen missed calls from my mom.

When I called her, she told me that she and Cobi went out and the nanny picked the wrong key and so they can’t get inside our house. She asked us to hurry up because Cobi’s milk and bottle is inside the house and so they can’t get it since they don’t have the key.

We have to leave the party early even if we still wanted to stay longer to chat with our friends whom we haven’t seen for a long time already but we really have to go home because I am sure in no time, Cobi will be ask for his milk.

We have just left the village and when I called my mom, she already asked somebody to destroy the door knob so they can open the house because Cobi has been crying already because of hunger.

It is so sad that we have to leave the party early but I am happy because my mom was able to find a way to gain access to Cobi’s milk and bottles as I really don’t want him to cry and cry because of hunger.


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