Cash Advances, My Husband’s Savior

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My husband has a new toy and it is his new Canon 50D Digital SLR. I did not know that he is actually planning to buy one and I only learned about it days before Cobi’s baptism. His initial plan was that he will sell his Canon 40D first and use the money from its sale as the initial cash out to buy the Canon 50D. But being a camera addict that he is and since he wanted to use his new toy on Cobi’s baptism, he decided to buy the camera the day before Cobi’s baptism even if it is still a few days short from payday and even if he hasn't sold his Canon 40D yet.

So how did he manage to buy the camera even if he is short on cash? Cash advances had been his savior. He knows that he can’t wait until payday to purchase the camera and so he thought of applying for cash advance so he can buy the camera before Cobi’s baptism.

Cash advance is a short term loan and can be your answer if you need cash below $1000 instantly. The advantage of cash advance is that there is no credit check involved when applying. The application is also very convenient as you just have to fill up an online form to submit an application and you can instantly receive an online approval. Once approved, the money can be deposited to your bank account usually within the next business day. That is how convenient applying for a cash advance is.

I know that my husband will be able to pay for the cash advance when his pay check arrives so I gave him my approval to obtain the cash advance. I know that it made my husband truly happy and it is a good thing too as he has a much better camera to use for an important event in my son’s life, which is his Baptism.


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