From Toys to Gold

Posted by abie on 7:30 PM in
You all know how much my hubby loves to collect different kinds of things. Whether it’s toys, magazines, posters, coins, various currencies and even sand and pebbles from the beach that he visited.

And as you see, he may have spent large amount of money for this yet he’s happy and contented for he thinks that he can still sell this in the future if ever he decides to. So now I am thinking that since he also collects coins, why not suggest him to start investing with his collections and consider gold coins as part of his collectibles.

Not a bad idea right? Aside from the fact that he will have additions to his collections, he will also have valuable investments that he can definitely use in the future. And as we all know, gold can do a lot of help when it comes to financial security since its value doesn’t easily depreciate.

So I’m hoping that hubby will consider my idea and I’m sure to myself that I’m willing to help him to invest with this.


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