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Yehey, after two months I was finally able to get hold of my iPhone. I returned it to Globe for checking last June as my brother noticed that it has yellowish display. After a month of following it up with them, I was able to get it back but they did not replace it as they said that they did not find anything wrong with it. I tried to talk to one of their customer service agents and he suggested to leave it again and he will try to find a way to have it replace as I was still complaining about its yellowish display, the OS which they upgraded to version 4 without my consent and the scratches which was originally not present when I turned it over to them. After three weeks, I was able to get my iPhone but still they did not replace it.

Oh well, I guess there are really some things that I should learn to let go. Though I will start to go crazy because the OS version 4 is really very slow.


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