Ready to be a WAHM?

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In just a few weeks I will be going back to the office to work. This means I won’t be able to see Cobi and Bela 24x7. As early as now I am feeling sad already and I am already having separation anxiety. I am not sure if I can stand it to be away from Cobi and Bela even just for a couple of hours five days a week.

I have 78 days of maternity leave so I have been used to just staying at home and be with my kids. I love it every time Bela opens her eyes in the morning and I am the first person that she sees. I love it every time Cobi feeds directly from me. I love it that I don’t have to take a leave if I need to attend to important events in Bela’s school. I love it that I can take Bela to school and fetch her almost everyday.

These are just some of the things that I will really miss once I go back to work. So if I choose to stay at home, what would be my options:

• I can look for online schools and study at home so at least I will not be stagnant and will still continue to learn. I checked out a list of online schools here and I have a lot of options to choose from.
• I can get a work-at-home job. I know a number of mommies like me who have work-at-home jobs in the IT field.
• I can set up an online store where I can sell US products. I found a number of multiply sites who sells stuff from the US and I am pretty sure that I can give a much lower price than them.

But I guess I will still not find the courage to resign and leave work. I have been working for more than a decade now and imagining myself not having a regular pay check scares me, especially I have two kids to feed. Oh well, I hope in time I will be able to adjust and will be able to go back to my old self as a working mom.


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