Questions of the Week #41

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Join here.

1.Does your age make you feel left out? Now, not yet. Maybe in the next years to come.
2. How do people of the same gender as you but taller than yourself make you feel? I have no issues with that. I’m quite happy with my height.
3.When did you last scream? Why? Last Sunday. Bela was throwing tantrums while we are at the airport and I was already so tired after our four day vacation so I have to tell her to behave.
4. What do other people do that irritate you that you recognize it as a weakness in yourself? Being late.
5. Have you ever slipped on a banana peel? Yes I think.
6. Have you ever walked around someone else’s home barefoot? Yes.
7. What do you do when you are left home alone? Sleep or watch TV.
8. When someone is vague or confusing, how do you process it? I have to tell that person to repeat what he or she is saying and I will really admit that he or she is confusing me so that person can explain hi or her story / point again.
9. Typically, when someone says to you: “I’ll be five minutes”, how long do they actually take? 30 minutes to an hour.
10. For you, what is the best word in the English language? Love



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Working from home is really the best set up for her but since she only works part time, the pay that she is getting is not enough to sustain her daily needs. That is why she is looking for Home Business Ideas so she can still work at home at her own convenient time and still earn enough to provide for her daily needs.

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One of the affiliate marketing programs that I discovered is the Plug-In Profit Site. This program allows affiliate and network marketers to promote six different affiliate programs in one website. I think this is the best home base business that my aunt should try so she can earn money online even if she is at home. My aunt has no previous work experience when it comes to Internet marketing or even computers and setting up her own website, but the site can help her do all this and even get a training on how to be an effective network marketer.

So if you are like my aunt who is looking for the best home base business, visit the Plug-In Profit Site.


On vacation

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We’re off to meet with Mickey and Minnie mouse and the rest of the gang. I will catch up with you guys next week.

Here is my list of the things that I need to blog when I get back:

1. Bela’s party at school
2. Bela’s party at Kidz Republic
3. HK trip

Advance happy weekend.


Wordless Wednesday # 24 - Happy Bday Bela!!

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Bela’s Party at Hospicio & HK Trip

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I am glad I was able to sit down today (without feeling sleepy) and I was able to select some pictures from Bela’s 3rd birthday party last Sunday at Hospicio de San Jose. I posted my story and some pictures here.


After our tiring party weekend, have to prepare now for our Hong Kong trip this coming Thursday to Sunday. Since we plan to take the Airport Express from the airport to the hotel, Howell kept on reminding us to just pack light and just use a backpack instead of carrying a big luggage since it is difficult to commute by train with a big luggage in tow. This is a big dilemma for me as I really find it hard to pack light. So good luck to me.

I was also able to talk to my cousin and we were able to finalize our itinerary.

Day 1, we will check in at Disneyland hotel then go to Lantau Island to check out the Giant Buddha and do some shopping at the City Gate Outlet Store. Then we will go to Ocean Park after lunch until late afternoon and we will see if we can do some shopping at Central. Then we will go to Victoria Peak and Wax Museum before going back to Disney Hotel (looks like we have a tight schedule for Day 1).

We will go to Disneyland on Day 2 and since it won’t open until 10 AM, we can stroll around Disney Hotel for some pictorial after breakfast. Then we move to BP International in the evening.

Day 3, we will go to Macau and check our St. Paul Ruins and Macau Tower in the morning and the whole afternoon will be spent at the Venetian Hotel. Then we will go back to HK and check out the shopping malls at Causeway Bay.

Day 4 will be for shopping again at the Kowloon side and Causeway Bay before proceeding at the airport around 7 Pm for our 9:55 flight.

So there. It looks like our four days is really packed with a lot of activities. Hope we can follow our planned itinerary so we can really maximize our four day stay in HK.


Reading glass for granny

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A few weeks ago, my grand mother had a cataract surgery. The price that we paid for the surgery was not cheap specially since she doesn’t have a medical insurance to cover for all the medical expenses. But thank God that the surgery was a success since we are really worried for our grandmother since she is already 83 years old. But she really has a strong faith in God that she was able to face the surgery bravely and she did not experience any problems.

We went back to American Eye for her check up and now her doctor is requiring her to wear eyeglasses. Good thing Zenni Optical was on FOX news! So we were able to be made aware that it is possible to get Great Eyeglasses For Less.

They offer high quality eyeglasses at prices that are really cheap plus they have a wide range of designs to choose from. They sell all kinds of eyeglasses from Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni, bifocal lenses, tinted sunglasses and more.

I am really thankful that I was able to watch Zenni on Fox. At least now, we don’t have to worry about my grandmother’s eyeglasses since we can easily buy a good quality reading glass for her at a very low price.


My Love for Silver

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I went to my mom’s house this evening as Bela wants to play with her grand father. My old room where I was staying when I was still single is now being occupied by my parents. To pass time, I checked out my old cabinets and I was glad to know that my parents didn’t touch it and they kept it intact. I was able to check on some of my old stuffs and I was all smiles when I saw my Sterling Silver Jewellery collection.

When I was still in college, I remember, it is the in thing for teenagers like me. I would always love to shop for silver jewelleries and I have all sorts of silver accessories like Silver Bangles, rings, necklaces, bangles and the like. The price of silver is really cheap compared to gold so it is really the perfect accessories for students like me back then.

My friend who now resides in UK shares the same passion for silver jewelries as mine. So when she saw me online yesterday, she shared with me the site where she buys all her accessories. And it really puts a smile on my face when she told me that I can select one item from their collection as her gift for me for Christmas.

I got really excited but confused at the same time as the site offers a wide range of selection for silver jewelleries. All their collection is really unique and of high quality since it is 92.5% silver. I really had a hard time deciding what to choose since all their products are really nice. But my favorite among all their collection is these two bracelets from the Sterling Silver Bracelets collection:

Don’t they look pretty? I told my friend to just decide for me since I both love the two designs and I will surely love it whichever she chooses among the two.


Happy Birthday Bela

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Today is the day. November 16 marked one of the very important days in our lives. On this day I gave birth to our pretty little princess, Ysabela Margrette!!

Bela, you are God’s precious gift to us. You are our life, the source of everybody’s happiness. We are truly thankful that God gave us a very sweet and pretty little girl. We love you very much and you will be our precious little princess.

~ Mom & Dad ~


One more to go…

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Two parties down and one last one to go. I still have a hang over from yesterday’s party. I hope everybody had so much fun. We are so happy that almost everybody made it to celebrate Bela’s third birthday with us. All our relatives are there, our friends (the MBAPs, our colleagues, our friends from high school and college, n@wies) spent time to be with us yesterday. Thank you for coming. We really appreciate it. The room was really full that there are some guests who are already standing up (specially the MBAP daddies, sorry guys).

Bela was so happy too. She didn’t even want to leave the play area yesterday and she had a blast opening all her gifts last night.

We were so dead tired when we reached home. (I was planning to drop by the drug store to buy Phentermine on our way home but I did not find any energy left to do that.)

I was telling hubby that we will just have one party next year as having three parties is really so tiring (and expensive). He just smiled and he said

Howell: “This year you said we will not have any party but we end up having three.”

And he laugh so hard and gave me a hug. Oh well, he knows that I am only doing this all for the happiness of our dear daughter.


Friday Fill-Ins # 98

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Do fat burners work? This question has been bugging me especially now that I really need a way to trim off the excess fat in my tummy. Guess I have to ask around and search the net to find my answers.

But before I do that, let me post first my answer for this week’s Friday Fill-Ins.

1. Please feel free to visit my blog and leave a comment once in a while.
2. When I write using a pentel pen, I can't help sniffing it occasionally.
3. My favorite thing to cook is tuna pasta as it is only dish that I can cook.
4. Twilight saga is something I can't get enough of.
5. That's the thing I love most about weekends: I can do anything that I want while enjoying the company of hubby and daughter
6. Kiss ass person always makes me think to myself, what the heck?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to checking the pictures of my daughter’s party at school taken by my husband, tomorrow my plans include another party again of my daughter with our relatives and friends and Sunday, I want to have a good massage!


Death of John Ong’s Father

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I was doing my usual rounds on my inbox and was checking the emails from my yahoo groups and one email caught my attention. It was an email from the moderator of our yahoo groups and she sadly announced that the father of one of the famous photographer in the wedding industry, Jong Mateos Ong, passed away last November 13 because of cancer.

Cancer is a very sensitive issue to me as I have an aunt who also passed away because of cancer several years back. It was a very traumatic and emotional experience for us as a family as we are really very close. I remember my aunt has to take different medicines and she has to undergo chemo therapy sessions every month to ease the pain that she is experiencing. Good thing we have discovered a very reliable online site where we purchase all my aunt needs. It is a god online store for medical products and they carry almost everything from cervical collars to maternity needs and all other kinds of medical supplies. We have set an auto re-ordering system for all the supplies that my aunt needs so at least we have one less thing to think about.

I was reading the blog of John Ong last night and I was truly awed and touched by his words and how brave he is handling his father’s death. He is happy that his father decided to join our heavenly Father in heaven when he is already ready and when he decided to accept God in his life again and that is really something that John is really very thankful for.


It’s party time

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Four more days before the third birthday celebration of Bela. (Can you feel how excited I am?) I just want to post some updates:


1. I already placed my order at McDonald’s Valero and I was able to get the Madagascar toys too when I booked. They will just deliver my order at Toddlers Unlimited around 2:30 on the 14th.
2. I already contacted Shakeys (for the adult food) in Valero Tower and I just have to pay the down payment which I will do on Wednesday.
2. I already informed Pizzie of my orders: cake, cookie lollipops and balloons. I am just waiting for her to send me the contract so I can give her the payment for my balance.
3. I also contacted Rochelle of Sanfo Treats and I already placed my order for 20 caramel apples which we will pick up on Thursday night at Robinson’s Place in Ermita.
4. I already downloaded pictures of Bela’s classmates and teachers from their multiply site. I just have to print them this week.
5. We will go to SM later to buy items for the Piñata.
6. Howell will cut the bag tags later for the backpacks.


1. We already finalize our package with Kidz Republic. I will just have to call them this week to inform them of my final number of guests (I need to do this since I have to place my order for the food at least 3 days in advance. They can’t accommodate additional orders for food on the day of the event.)
2. I already informed Pizzie of my order: cake and balloon burst. I am just waiting for her to send me the contract so I can give her the payment for my balance.
3. Howell is done with the tarpaulin lay out. He will send it for printing later.
4. Howell will cut the souvenir tags later so we can start attaching it to our souvenirs.

So we are all set. It’s party time!!


Twilight: Movie, Soundtrack and Book

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I am so excited. November 26 is the first day of showing for the movie Twilight. I am sure my cousin, my sister and I will watch the film on its first day of showing (just like what we did with the movie Sex and the City).

Another reason why I am so excited is that the Twilight Soundtrack that I ordered from Amazon might arrive this week. I can’t wait to hear the voice of Robert Pattinson as he sang one song in the sound track and they say that it is the first for Rob.

And while I was checking Amazon, I saw the box set of hard cover books of the Twilight Saga. I know I already have the complete collection in paperback and I have the hard cover version of Book 1 already, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the box set? LOL.

Maybe I should tell hubby that he can give this to me as his Christmas present. LOL. I know he already gave me his advance Christmas present (my Ipod), but if he is generous, then I will not complain. But if he does, I have to get him something special. But that is not a problem as my hubby can be easily pleased. I don’t have to buy him expensive watches or golf equipment because a simple action figure from McFarlene will surely make his day.


Happy Birthday Bianca!

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We attended Bianca’s 2nd birthday party yesterday at Shakey’s Katipunan. Bela was able to take a nap on our way there so she was in the mood for a party. She even participated in the games, had a glitter tattoo where she herself selected the design that she wants, joined the kids when it is time to sing the happy birthday song, for Bianca and she even had a picture with Dora the Mascot.

It was really a very fun party and even though it was raining hard, you can really see how much Jody and Dicky’s friends love them so much since the party was well attended.

Bela really had a blast and she brought home with her lots of prizes from the games and she really loves her new lunch bag. In fact she immediately asked her nanny to open it for her and she quickly munches on the goodies inside the bag.

Thanks for inviting us sis. We really had fun. Howell is again the official photographer for this party but I will wait for Jody to post the pictures first. (And besides my slow laptop will definitely scream for a memory upgrade if I want to view all the pictures from the party as Howell took hundreds of photos yesterday.)


11.9 What if?

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randomness...feed your mind and your blog

What if?...
1....you could bring one character from your favorite book to life, who would it be? Edward Cullen
2....you could solve one of historys unsolved mysteries, which would it be? The Da Vinco Code Theory
3....you were stranded on a deserted island, what 2 people would you chose to be stranded with? Hubby and Bela
4....you could spend a day with any celebrity, dead or living, who would it be? Robert Pattinson
5....you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? My big tummy
6....you could live anywhere, where would you live? Still here in Manila


Still about my Ipod

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I know I should be looking for auto insurance quotes online, but instead I have been busy the whole evening trying to familiarize myself with my new toy, my Ipod (read the whole story about my Ipod here).

I just finished my second movie and for me that is really a big thing. Hubby and I never get the chance to watch a movie or any of our favorite shows since our daughter pretty much dominates our TV. So I am now totally addicted to my Ipod since I can watch my favorite TV series now and all the movies that we were not able to watch on big screen.

So far, this is what kept me busy since we arrived home this evening:

1. Downloaded and installed Itunes
2. Copied the contents of my sister’s Ipod to our PC so I can synchronize later with my Ipod
3. Copied some of my music CDs
4. Watched SATC movie

Later I will have to study how to move all my mp3 and mp4 files to Itunes so I can synchronize it with my Ipod.

I can’t believe it is only now that I discovered the beauty of Ipod (pathetic), but I really love my new gadget to bits.


On Security

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My brother needs car insurance. Its been months since he bought his new car and he opted not to get a car insurance for it but he just had a minor accident last week that leave a small dent on his car. Of course, since this is his first real investment, he is really taking good care of his car and so he shouldered all the expenses for the repair since he wants to repair the dent right away.

And because of this, he is really decided now on getting car insurance. He realized now how important car insurance is. It is for his safety and security. But since he is a busy person, he kept postponing his meeting with an insurance agent and up to now he hasn’t got the chance to get car insurance.

So I introduce him to the site where I got our life insurance quotes. It is really very convenient as he can easily get a quote online. He just needs to enter his zip code and he will right away get quotes from different car insurance agencies. He can even read car insurance guides from the site to help him decide the best insurance that will meet his needs.

I am glad that he finally decided to get insurance as it is really for his own security.


Happy Bday Sam!

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We just got back from Sam’s (of Jacqui and Mike) 4th birthday party. The party was really fun as I can see that all the adults and kids really had a great time.

Bela was kind of cranky right after the party started since she was so sleepy already but she refuse to close her eyes because she can see how much the kids are enjoying the party. Good thing Jacqui was able to make her stop crying after she gave her a dog balloon sculpture. So she warm up a bit and so Bela was able to join the last activities like the pabitin for the kids. (Bela was so happy when she got the sticker from the pabitin.)

I was also able to meet up with Apple, Adrian and Austin and Jody, Dicky, Margaux and Bianca though I was not able to chat with them that much during the party as we are at the other side majority of the time since Bela is really not in the mood.

Congrats sis for pulling another successful party. Super ok ang Mc Do venue mo. The hosts are really good and they kept the party alive and the venue was really spacious. Bela loved her director’s chair so much and she really enjoyed all the balloons that we were able to bring home from the party. Thanks for inviting us. We really had fun and promise next year I will follow your advice and I will try a McDonald’s party for Bela. LOL.

(Howell is the official photographer but I will wait for Jacqui to post the pictures).


My Ipod

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I know I might be the last person to own an Ipod but I am so happy because today I officially own one. (Well technically it is not really mine as it is given by my brother as his birthday gift for Bela.)

More than a year ago, we were able to venture into a small business opportunity and we were able to open our cell phone shop. Our shop sells brand new and second hand phones, Ipod, PSP, laptops or any other gadgets that you can think of.

Today, Bela and I went to Greenhills with my brother as we will be meeting hubby there to attend Sam’s 4th birthday party. We had a customer who traded her one month old 160 GB video Ipod for a brand new phone. Hubby and I really wanted an Ipod and so when I saw it, I immediately wanted to have it.

But of course, I have to return the initial capital for the Ipod to my brother but I jokingly asked him if I can just give him 50% of the initial capital instead and he did not think twice when he gave me his Yes. But he said that it will be his birthday gift for Bela as he knows how addicted his niece is in watching Disney movies. And then I was able to talk to hubby and he paid for the remaining 50% of the money that I have to return to my brother.

I am so happy. I just finished watching my first movie and I think I will really enjoy this gadget. (Calling hubby. I need more movies on my new Ipod.)

Thanks to my brother and my husband for giving me and Bela an Ipod. We love you!!


HK & Macau

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Aside from Bela’s birthday, our trip to Hong Kong this coming November 20-23 is one of the things that I am so looking forward to for this month. My cousin and I had already talked about our itinerary and we just have to finalize it before we leave so our logistics is all set when we are there.

Part of our itinerary is a day tour in Macau. This will be my second time in Macau but the first time my hubby and I went there, we joined a group tour to visit the famous places in Macau. But this time, we decided that we will do it on our own since we all decided that we will not visit all the famous places in Macau and just spend half of our day at the Venetian hotel instead.

Our priority will be to visit:

The St Paul Ruins

Macau Tower

Then spend our day exploring the famous Venetian Hotel (we plan to ride the Gondola and do some shopping here).

So I guess we are all set. I just need to pack our bags and finalize our travel insurance and we are all set for our Hong Kong and Macau escapade.


coffee break ver. 1.43

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Before I make my post for this week’s Coffee Break, let me say advance congratulations to Jan for your upcoming photo exhibit. My hubby will be really envious if he hears this. As this is one of his greatest dreams. Congrats sis!


What is my most celebrated milestone in my life? On top of my list is when the man that I love asked me to marry him in front of hundreds of people. He sounds nervous while he was speaking in front of hundreds of people asking me to marry him. I was so shy at first that I did not want to stand up for the people to see me. But I was able to go in front to meet him at the stage and gave him my Yes. You can read the full story here.

Second on my list is when I gave birth to my daughter Bela. She is really the most precious gift that we have received from God.

Third is when I was able to make my parents proud when I graduated from college as part of the Top 20 of the graduating class.

Fourth was when I got the job that I have now which really pays well. And because of this job I was able to buy a van for my parents, sent my brother and my sister to school and helped my family and my relatives.


Thinking Out Loud

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Have you ever work with people who are not a team player and would rather do things on their own and then brag and brag to the boss their accomplishments just so they will get notice? I hate those kinds of people.

I am a silent worker. I will do things on my own and I don’t have to shout to the boss whatever I accomplished. I feel confident with my work that I feel that I don’t have to brag in order to be noticed. But I know when to admit when I need help. I will not hesitate to ask questions specially if I know that asking the help of my colleagues can speed up our job.

But you know sometimes, you really can’t get away from people who will do whatever they can do to get notice. Sometimes those people can get on my nerves that I will sometimes feel frustrated.

Just like last week. I feel so down from dealing with those kinds of people. But I guess hubby is right, as long as I know that I am doing my job then there is no need for me to worry. He even suggested that I should just channel my energy in doing more productive things like finishing my masteral degree.

That is why I have been reading a lot about degree online. It is the best option for people like me who have a full time job since I don’t have to quit my job if I want to continue with my graduate studies since I can do all my school work online. Even my husband got interested in the different online programs that they offering so we might end up enrolling in the same class.

I guess this is really something that I should consider. At least it will be a plus for my job and it will keep my mind pre-occupied instead of stressing myself with trivial things that I really have no control of.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.


Wordless Wednesday # 23 - Scary

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Weekend Snapshot # 16 - Table, Chair & Toy Organizer

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I posted on Bela’s blog that we bought her a new bed. The package that we bought is the 5 piece Toddler Room in a Box set and it comes with a toddler bed, toy organizer, table and two chairs.

Hubby was able to assemble the tables, chairs and organizer last week and Bela used it right away. Hubby said that he really recommends the product as the material is really good and it really looks durable. Plus it is really easy to assemble that he was able to build it even without the manual.

Bela loves her new table set and toy organizer. She immediately moved all her toys on her new table as soon as her dad is done with it. Plus the toy organizer is really very helpful since we sorted all Bela’s knick knacks per container so it really serves its purpose since Bela’s toys are more organize now.


Almost set for Bela’s Party

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Two weeks before Bela’s party and I think I am almost finish with the preparations. Here is my list:

1. Order food from McDonalds for the kids and food from Shakeys for the adults: I can make my order at least days before the party but I have to inquire at McDonalds in Valero if I can order the Happy Meal for the kids and pick up the toys before the delivery date so I can include the toys in my loot bags. (This is what I did for our Kidz Republic party.)
2. Order cake, cookie lollipops and balloons from Little Royalties – I already informed Pizzie about my order. I just have to pay in full by first week of November (I am still waiting for the release of our Christmas bonus. LOL.)
3. Pick up backpacks and chair from Sheila at 168 – Done. I already posted my supplier ratings here. (We didn’t like the chair and the backpack.)
4. Order Caramel Apple from Sanfo Treats – I will place my order three days before the party date and I will pick it up the night before the party.
5. Lay out and printing of bag tags: Done
6. Printing pictures of Bela’s classmates (for the Photo Art kit that I have for the kids) – I need to download pictures from their multiply site then I will just have it develop.
7. Buy Piñata – Done
8. Buy items for the Piñata - on our next grocery schedule


1. Finalize menu and package and book mascot: Done
2. Order balloon burst and cake from Little Royalties – I already talked to Pizzie about this. I just have to finalize it and pay by first week of November.
3. Lay out and printing of tarpaulin – Howell will take care of the layout. Need this done at least a week before the party.
4. Lay out and printing of invitation – Done. We started distributing it also.
5. Lay out and printing of souvenir tags and invitation stickers – Done


1. Book Jollibee’s party package - Done
2. Book magician – Done. Already paid the down payment

So there. And so I thought I was able to comply with hubby’s request that I will just keep it simple this time. LOL.


Friday Fill-Ins # 96

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1. My favorite food seasoning is salt.
2. The sound of my daughter’s laughter is music to my ears.
3. Lucky is Bela since we really love her so much
4. Raising a God fearing child is something I take very seriously.
5. Many people think that I am a snob.
6. A Game Boy Advance cartridge was the last thing I bought at the store.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to bed early, tomorrow my plans include going to the cemetery to pay respect to our departed love ones and Sunday, I want to go to the mall!

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