San Fo or Vegas

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Since we only have a limited time in the West Coast, we really have to just select the cities that we want to visit. Hubby and I now have a dilemma and we can’t choose between San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Hubby and I have been to Las Vegas before and so we are thinking if we should try San Francisco this time for a change. But I checked and there is really not much that we can do there that Cobi and Bela can enjoy. But of course, there is still the San Francisco Bridge and the Wharf but we are thinking if it is worth it to travel several hours just for that.

On the other hand, in Las Vegas, the hotels alone are an attraction to the kids already. I remember each hotel have shows and we can even go to the Venetian hotel and ride a Gondola there which I am sure Bela will love. We will also be travelling with my best buddy, Dennis, and her aunt will be taking us to the Grand Canyon which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World so I am sure it is worth seeing.

Right now, we are already leaning towards Las Vegas. Let us see if we will stick to that decision.


Nuvali: The Place to Be

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I know this is a super delayed post but I have been very busy lately that I am so behind blogging about what is going in with our lives. And last February 27 was another weekend for us that I was not able to blog about.

It is just an ordinary weekend but since Bela has been asking us for the longest time to take her to Nuvali and since Howell and I are free from work that day, we decided to give in to Bela’s request.


Nuvali is actually our favorite place every time we want to go on a quick weekend getaway. We left late already and it was already 2 PM when we arrived in Nuvali. I quickly went to the ticket booth for the water taxi as we never fail to do this every time we are in Nuvali. We were informed that there is about 1 hour of waiting so we had snack first in Conti’s while waiting for our turn. But we did not wait that long as our number was called even before our food was served. So we took the ride first before finishing our merienda.

My Yaya and her husband were with us as I asked my yaya to invite her husband since they just celebrated their anniversary as our treat for them.

After Nuvali, we went to Paseo de Sta Rosa for some shopping and then we ended the day with a dinner at Racks before finally heading back to Manila.


NY – DC – NY: Booked

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Thanks to my good friend Glo for referring me Mega Bus because their rates are really cheap compared to the other bus companies that I checked. They are like Cebu Pacific, they offer $1 for the first few seats and the rate will increment the more seats get book. That is why Glo advised that we book early if we are sure already of our itinerary so we can get good rates.

And that is what I did. So after booking our NY – Toronto – NY ticket, I also book for our NY – DC – NY route. I think this is a 4-hour bus ride which I think is manageable compared to our 10 hour flight from Hong Kong to New York.

I am so excited already because we will be meeting my kumara and former officemate, Ems and her family in DC. They will give us a tour of Washington DC.

Hubby and I have been to Washington before but only for a day so we were not really able to explore the city. This time, we will be in DC for almost three days (two full days) so we will be able to visit a lot of places that we miss before. And I am excited for Bela since Ems will be bringing us to Museum of Natural History where animals and dinosaurs abound. LOL.


Booked: Manila - Cebu - Manila

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Yehey, I am so excited because during PAL’s last Pay Day special, I was able to book round trip tickets for my family so we can join Jody, Mich, Peachy, Joy and their family for a three-day vacation in Shangri-La Mactan in Cebu. (I better start using those electronic muscle stimulation being used by athletes so I might have a better chance of loosing those unwanted fats on my tummy. LOL).

My friend Peachy actually alerted us of the Pay Day special but since we were out the whole day, I fell asleep while waiting for 12 midnight to strike. But since I am really set on booking our tickets already, I get out of bed when I woke up at 2 AM, and turned on hubby’s PC. I guess it is really meant that I booked our tickets that day as I was able to get good rates for our round trip tickets.

So this is it. We finally have our tickets as I really wanted to join my friends for this post summer getaway in Mactan. Their kids are all coming so I am sure Bela and Cobi will have a blast with them.

Now all I have to worry about is on where can I get the funds for our hotel accommodation. LOL.


Changes: NY - Toronto - NY

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I already booked our tickets for our New York – Toronto – New York route. I told my mom’s friend our schedule and he suggested that we extend our stay so we can really explore and enjoy Canada.

And after consulting with my mom and my husband, we decided to stay for 5 days in Toronto. Instead of leaving New York on the morning of May 20th, we changed our schedule and booked the 10 PM schedule on May 19th. And instead of leaving Toronto for New York on the morning of May 23, we moved our schedule and booked the 9 PM bus ride on May 24 instead. This new schedule gives us five whole days in Toronto to spend with our friends there.

I already sent an email to my Tito Tek and Kuya Abel and they will all fetch us in the bus station on the morning of May 20 and it is up to them on where we go next. We might drive to their house first to rest a bit and freshen up before they show us around Toronto. Our trip to Toronto is just perfect as May 23 is Victoria Day so it is a long weekend for our friends so they are definitely free to take us around.

I am so excited already. I can’t wait to see Tito Tek, Tita Baby, Joan, Kuya Abel and their son again.


Life After an Accident

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No matter how careful we are, we can never tell when an accident is bound to happen. If you have been badly injured, this can meet a lot of things. It means you have to take a leave from work or worse you might even loose your job because you can no longer work because of the injury.

But of course, the lives of the victims don’t have to stop because of the accident. They can do something to get justice and to make those responsible for the accidents pay.

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Filing for an accident claim is a very complicated process so victims should contact only those experts in these types of cases so they can be sure that they will get a justifiable resolution for their case and that is what O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath can guarantee their clients.


Outer Banks Vacation Rental

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This coming May, hubby will attend a one week training in North Carolina. Since we will join him and we will leave three weeks before his training, we decided to just travel with him after our vacation from New York to North Carolina and just wait until his training is finish so we can all travel together going back to Manila. This means that I need to look for a place to stay during that one week while waiting for hubby. So I have to look for Outer Banks vacation rentals so we can make the most of our stay in North Carolina while waiting for hubby and we can enjoy the beach and visit other tourist spots in North Carolina.

Thankfully I am done booking all our inland travel from New York to Los Angeles, and Toronto so now I can just concentrate in looking for the best and affordable vacation rental for us.

We are all so excited already for this trip. I am sure all of us will definitely have a blast.


NY – Toronto – NY: Booked

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Thanks to my good friend Glo (whom we will be meeting in Washington and New York come May), I was able to discover an affordable bus service that we can take for our New York to Toronto route. I was actually contemplating if we should just take the plane since it will be a very long journey but the price for airfare for New York – Toronto – New York is so expensive that we will be able to save $1800++ if we just take the bus.

So last night, after much discussion and deliberation with Howell, we decided to book our tickets already so we can still get the discounted rate. We will be leaving New York on the morning of May 20 and will leave Toronto on the morning of May 23 so we have two full days to explore Toronto.

Although my Tito was not happy with our reservations as he wants us to stay a bit longer in Canada so he can tour us around. Luckily, I can change our reservations and I only have to pay $1 (I am not sure if this is per passenger) to change our booking. I am just waiting to discuss this with Howell and if he agrees we might change our schedule to:

May 19 / 10 PM – Leave New York for Toronto
May 23 / 9 PM – Leave Toronto for New York

This new schedule will give us 4 whole days in Toronto. I am glad that I am planning early because I will still be able to get discounted rates even if I will have to change our bookings.


How to Pack Efficiently When Traveling with Babies

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Traveling with children, specifically babies and toddlers, can be very challenging. The travel itself needs to be adjusted according to the baby’s schedule and ability to handle certain trips.

And then packing becomes a nightmare.

It doesn’t need to be a nightmare though. All you need to do is be prepared and list everything. When traveling with babies, it is always best to pack double what they usually consume (milk and diapers) so any unforeseen circumstances can be covered.

Whatever form of transportation you be will have when traveling, the must-have items you need to have will vary on the age of the child. For short trips to the park, a friend’s place, the mall or to the doctor, a few essentials will do. This will include diapers, milk, extra clothing, bottles (one for milk and one for juice/water), baby food or cut up fruit, crackers, baby wipes and zip lock bags for soiled diapers and/or clothes.

For long travels, you would need to carefully plan what to bring. You need to ask yourself these questions:
1. Who is going?
2. What do you plan on taking? Whether you will be using roller bags or duffle bags, you still would need a diaper bag which will serve as the carry on luggage of your baby
3. Where are you going?
4. When are you going?

You might need to bring more than what is required for a baby’s outfits for a trip. Consider packing a sun hat and a jacket and thin blanket because of sudden weather changes. As a rule, you need to have one diaper for every hour you are out with a baby.

Here are just some of the things you need in your diaper bag:
1. Medicines and an emergency kit. This is especially important if you are traveling overseas or out of town and access to a pharmacy will be hard.
2. Diapers and baby wipes. You can get the individually wrapped paper wipes with antiseptic for changing the kid’s diaper when it is soiled.
3. Any comfort toy your baby is accustomed with and small distractions like a cuddly toy or a rattle to either calm him down or keep him busy.
4. Bottled water, sippy cups, bottles, juice and formula milk. Bring two bottles one for the formula and one for water or juice. You might need to prepare milk for your baby when the plane is taking off or landing. It helps prevent earache. Bring along food such as crackers and fruits and baby food with a baby spoon just in case your child gets hungry. Carry them in small amounts in different packages. This is where zip lock bags come in handy.
5. Don't forget a full change of clothes. Layered outfits would be best as you cannot predict the weather once you land in the airport.

Car seats and strollers might be needed. Before you take yours with you, you can find out ahead of time if there is an option for you to borrow from a friend, or rent, especially car seats. The stroller will be handy for a sleeping child and a tired parent when sight-seeing or walking.

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Happy for my Brother

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It has been more than one week already since my brother got discharged from the hospital. I guess prayers and Pick Me Up Gifts played a big role in his speedy recovery.

We were actually concerned as he has been going in and out of the hospital for almost two weeks. He even had a second opinion and changed doctors and hospitals but still, the doctors can’t find what is wrong with him. On his last day from his recent confinement, he had an x-ray to confirm the final diagnosis of his doctors which is intestinal hernia. Thankfully, his doctor did not find anything alarming on his x-ray results so they did not require him to undergo operation.

Now he is back to work but he has to change his lifestyle a bit and his eating habits. His doctor asked him to start getting into a healthy diet.

We are really glad that my brother is feeling well now. Another blessing that our family should be thankful for from the Big Man up there.

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