Booked: Manila - Cebu - Manila

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Yehey, I am so excited because during PAL’s last Pay Day special, I was able to book round trip tickets for my family so we can join Jody, Mich, Peachy, Joy and their family for a three-day vacation in Shangri-La Mactan in Cebu. (I better start using those electronic muscle stimulation being used by athletes so I might have a better chance of loosing those unwanted fats on my tummy. LOL).

My friend Peachy actually alerted us of the Pay Day special but since we were out the whole day, I fell asleep while waiting for 12 midnight to strike. But since I am really set on booking our tickets already, I get out of bed when I woke up at 2 AM, and turned on hubby’s PC. I guess it is really meant that I booked our tickets that day as I was able to get good rates for our round trip tickets.

So this is it. We finally have our tickets as I really wanted to join my friends for this post summer getaway in Mactan. Their kids are all coming so I am sure Bela and Cobi will have a blast with them.

Now all I have to worry about is on where can I get the funds for our hotel accommodation. LOL.


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