NY – DC – NY: Booked

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Thanks to my good friend Glo for referring me Mega Bus because their rates are really cheap compared to the other bus companies that I checked. They are like Cebu Pacific, they offer $1 for the first few seats and the rate will increment the more seats get book. That is why Glo advised that we book early if we are sure already of our itinerary so we can get good rates.

And that is what I did. So after booking our NY – Toronto – NY ticket, I also book for our NY – DC – NY route. I think this is a 4-hour bus ride which I think is manageable compared to our 10 hour flight from Hong Kong to New York.

I am so excited already because we will be meeting my kumara and former officemate, Ems and her family in DC. They will give us a tour of Washington DC.

Hubby and I have been to Washington before but only for a day so we were not really able to explore the city. This time, we will be in DC for almost three days (two full days) so we will be able to visit a lot of places that we miss before. And I am excited for Bela since Ems will be bringing us to Museum of Natural History where animals and dinosaurs abound. LOL.


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