How to Pack Efficiently When Traveling with Babies

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Traveling with children, specifically babies and toddlers, can be very challenging. The travel itself needs to be adjusted according to the baby’s schedule and ability to handle certain trips.

And then packing becomes a nightmare.

It doesn’t need to be a nightmare though. All you need to do is be prepared and list everything. When traveling with babies, it is always best to pack double what they usually consume (milk and diapers) so any unforeseen circumstances can be covered.

Whatever form of transportation you be will have when traveling, the must-have items you need to have will vary on the age of the child. For short trips to the park, a friend’s place, the mall or to the doctor, a few essentials will do. This will include diapers, milk, extra clothing, bottles (one for milk and one for juice/water), baby food or cut up fruit, crackers, baby wipes and zip lock bags for soiled diapers and/or clothes.

For long travels, you would need to carefully plan what to bring. You need to ask yourself these questions:
1. Who is going?
2. What do you plan on taking? Whether you will be using roller bags or duffle bags, you still would need a diaper bag which will serve as the carry on luggage of your baby
3. Where are you going?
4. When are you going?

You might need to bring more than what is required for a baby’s outfits for a trip. Consider packing a sun hat and a jacket and thin blanket because of sudden weather changes. As a rule, you need to have one diaper for every hour you are out with a baby.

Here are just some of the things you need in your diaper bag:
1. Medicines and an emergency kit. This is especially important if you are traveling overseas or out of town and access to a pharmacy will be hard.
2. Diapers and baby wipes. You can get the individually wrapped paper wipes with antiseptic for changing the kid’s diaper when it is soiled.
3. Any comfort toy your baby is accustomed with and small distractions like a cuddly toy or a rattle to either calm him down or keep him busy.
4. Bottled water, sippy cups, bottles, juice and formula milk. Bring two bottles one for the formula and one for water or juice. You might need to prepare milk for your baby when the plane is taking off or landing. It helps prevent earache. Bring along food such as crackers and fruits and baby food with a baby spoon just in case your child gets hungry. Carry them in small amounts in different packages. This is where zip lock bags come in handy.
5. Don't forget a full change of clothes. Layered outfits would be best as you cannot predict the weather once you land in the airport.

Car seats and strollers might be needed. Before you take yours with you, you can find out ahead of time if there is an option for you to borrow from a friend, or rent, especially car seats. The stroller will be handy for a sleeping child and a tired parent when sight-seeing or walking.

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When you are traveling with babies, you tend to pack so much and it's really nice to have something like this, like a guide in the future. Thanks for the tips.

thanks for the tips! Traveling with kids is always tricky. I always end up with three big bags and that's just for the baby alone!

This is very helpful and informative. I've also done these things on our frequent travel to faraway provinces for our camp meeting fellowship. Handling 3 little kids on travel taught me how to be prepared on many things. It's always good to bring extras on food and clothing especially if you're new to the place you're going.

Thanks for sharing.

Traveling with babies is always never easy. It seems like they are the ones who need to have a lot of things to bring. Good thing you shared these tips for these can be really helpful.

I always tend to forget some things whenever we travel, will keep this tips in mind or take note as well as guide to our trips.

thank you for the tips! Making a list and checking it twice, that's really the way to go. I've learned that the hard way, LOL!

thanks for the tips. my husband always complains that we bring plenty of stuff for the kids and there are still some important things that we forget. i'll make sure i'll have a copy of your list next time we travel.

thanks for these tips. i am so bad at this as i tend to bring everything.

Wow! Well-written tips! I shall bookmark the article for sure I will keep going back to it as we are preparing for a couple of trips this year. I hope it's ok for me to share your post to other mommies as well.

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