San Fo or Vegas

Posted by abie on 8:25 PM in
Since we only have a limited time in the West Coast, we really have to just select the cities that we want to visit. Hubby and I now have a dilemma and we can’t choose between San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Hubby and I have been to Las Vegas before and so we are thinking if we should try San Francisco this time for a change. But I checked and there is really not much that we can do there that Cobi and Bela can enjoy. But of course, there is still the San Francisco Bridge and the Wharf but we are thinking if it is worth it to travel several hours just for that.

On the other hand, in Las Vegas, the hotels alone are an attraction to the kids already. I remember each hotel have shows and we can even go to the Venetian hotel and ride a Gondola there which I am sure Bela will love. We will also be travelling with my best buddy, Dennis, and her aunt will be taking us to the Grand Canyon which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World so I am sure it is worth seeing.

Right now, we are already leaning towards Las Vegas. Let us see if we will stick to that decision.


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