Nuvali: The Place to Be

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I know this is a super delayed post but I have been very busy lately that I am so behind blogging about what is going in with our lives. And last February 27 was another weekend for us that I was not able to blog about.

It is just an ordinary weekend but since Bela has been asking us for the longest time to take her to Nuvali and since Howell and I are free from work that day, we decided to give in to Bela’s request.


Nuvali is actually our favorite place every time we want to go on a quick weekend getaway. We left late already and it was already 2 PM when we arrived in Nuvali. I quickly went to the ticket booth for the water taxi as we never fail to do this every time we are in Nuvali. We were informed that there is about 1 hour of waiting so we had snack first in Conti’s while waiting for our turn. But we did not wait that long as our number was called even before our food was served. So we took the ride first before finishing our merienda.

My Yaya and her husband were with us as I asked my yaya to invite her husband since they just celebrated their anniversary as our treat for them.

After Nuvali, we went to Paseo de Sta Rosa for some shopping and then we ended the day with a dinner at Racks before finally heading back to Manila.


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