Get Halloween Spiders Invites to Start your Halloween Party Preps

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August is almost over and before we know it, it is already time to send your Halloween spiders invites for your Halloween party.

Every kid is excited for Halloween as they get to dress up in their favorite costume, decorate their homes with their parents and go around the neighborhood for trick or treat. But Halloween is not just for the kids but for the young at heart as well.

Adults can organize their Halloween party where they can dress up and be whatever they want to be for a day and party to their hearts content. So what does one need to plan for a perfect Halloween party? Here are some ideas:

1. Send out invitations for Halloween with spiders. Let your guests know when and where the party will be by sending them Halloween invites. You can easily order the invitations from www.invitationsbyu.com where you can find the widest selection of designs for Halloween invites. Ask your guests to dress up and come in their favorite costume. You can even have a best in costume contest and give prizes for the funniest and most creative costume.
Spider Invitation for Halloween Party
2. Decorate the venue with spooky spiders, cobwebs, jack-o-lantern, grim reapers and more to add fun to the party.
3. Prepare for the food. Think of creative ways on how to transform your dining room and bar into a spooky place. Give the food and wine that you will serve with spooky names like “Shocktails wine” and the like so that it is in line with the theme of the party.
4. Think of fun games and activities for the party. Search the internet for fun games that you can play with your guests so the party will not be boring.

By keeping these ideas in mind, you are in for one spooky and scary Halloween party.


Another Weekend in Tagaytay

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Last month, my family together with my parents, spent an overnight in Taal Vista Hotel. Thanks to Deal Grocer’s promo, I was able to avail it at a discounted price.

Bela requested that we go swimming before his dad leaves for another out of the country trip and since it is the rainy season already, we don’t want to travel far to do that and our first best choice then would be Tagaytay.
We just spent almost the entire time in the hotel as the kids just didn’t get tired swimming. They just got out of the pool when it was almost 5 PM already and they are already feeling cold because of the cool Tagaytay breeze.

This is my kind of weekend. I will try to see if I can get another promo in Deal Grocer so we can have another staycation in our favorite city away from Manila.


Looking for Invites for Oktoberfest Party

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It is just a few months away before Oktoberfest and so I am now looking for invites for Oktoberfest party. Just a few days ago, hubby was in Frankfurt, Germany to attend training. During that one week, he and his training mates were able to go around to explore Germany. One of the stories that hubby shared with me was the Oktoberfest which is an annual event held in Munich, Germany which last for 16 days from late September to early October. Hubby told me that it is a very festive event filled with a lot of merry making and large amount of consumption of German beer and food.

Good thing, I can easily order the invitations online from invitationsbyu.com. There are a lot of available designs to choose from and once I have selected the theme and design that I want, proof of the invites will be sent to me within one hour for checking before printing.

Beer Party Invites for Oktoberfest Celebration
So once the invitations for Octoberfest parties have been sent, then all we need is some good German beer and food and we are all set for our own fun Oktoberfest gathering.


Jives @ Cobi's 3rd Birthday Party

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Just look at how kids had so much fun during Cobi’s 3rd birthday party:
Well aside from the good food, fun games, overflowing of prices and the good sound system equipment that we got like apc40, what contributed to the fun of the party was the presence of Jives.

Jives is the sing and dance group that we got to perform for Cobi’s party as per his request. What I like about them is they can make the kids follow them as they sing and dance to popular songs of Katy Perry, One Direction, Taylor Swift and many more. Once they start performing, kids will not hesitate to go in front and perform with them.

Thanks again for another great performance, Jives. Till our next parties.


Our Saturdays in Batia

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Every first Saturday of the month, Project PEARLS hold their monthly feeding and brain booster program in Batia, Bulacan. This is the new home of the families from Ulingan who got relocated here.
Unlike in Ulingan where it is really unsafe because of the toxic fumes being emitted by the charcoal factory, Batia is clean and pollution free. That is why every time we attend Project PEARLS' activity in Bulacan, we bring our kids with us so they will be made aware too of our advocacy and they will learn the value of sharing and giving back as early as now.

Volunteer. Share. Advocate. Visit www.projectpearls.org now


Tips When Planning for a Euro Trip

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A number of my friends are planning for their trip to Europe. They have been asking me about it and the only tip that I can tell them is that they should plan ahead as it is really complicated to plan for a Europe trip.

Well for one, it is difficult to plan for the itinerary as Europe offers a vast of options. Each city is different so you would really like to visit each of the cities to experience everything that Europe has to offer. Aside from the tourist attractions, there are a lot of possible ways to move from one city to the next like train, airplane, and bus so you have to check each one of those if you want to get the cheapest and most convenient way to travel. Some sites ‘ internal pages do not offer an English version that you would even need Google translate to understand what the site says before making any booking.

But I told them that if they want to simplify their life, then they should just get their own personal concierge like the service of Paris Luxe. Paris Luxe can help them plan for their entire trip, as they can help coordinate and book activities, select luxury paris apartments, get discounts on leisure partners and they can even provide for your own Paris based professional photographer to document your travel.

So if you are planning for a Europe trip any time soon, check out Paris Luxe now.


Cobi's Role Models

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The men in Cobi’s life:
This picture was taken during Cobi’s 3rd birthday party held at Shakey’s Bluewave Macapagal. I am so thankful that they took time from their busy schedule to celebrate with us. We really felt the love.

Thanks again to all of Cobi’s Titos, Titas, Lolos, Lolas, cousins and friends who all came to his party, despite their busy Saturday schedule. You all really made his party extra special.

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