Dean Guitar: Anniversary Gift

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On January 29, my husband and I will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. It is just a few days from now so I am in a bit of a panic as I don’t have a gift yet for my dear husband.

I know he is not after the material things but I just want to get something special for him as my gratitude for sticking up with me through thick an thin. LOL.

My husband is a real music lover. He loves to listen to good music and he has a good voice too. He mentioned a few months back that he wanted to enroll in guitar lessons and that is when I realized that getting one of those dean guitars would be the perfect gift for him.

He has long been planning to enroll in guitar lessons but he kept on postponing it. Maybe if he has a new guitar, then he will be more motivated to do something which I know he really, really love.


Ulingan Idol

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This is the new project that our founder Melissa Villa, would like to start in Ulingan. Well it is just simple, as we will ask the kids to showcase their talent through a song number, dance number of whatever talent they want to show us. Then we will have weekly finals, monthly finals and even grand finals.

The aim of this project to encourage the kids to show off their talents, which will in turn boost their confidence.

In preparation, we may need to purchase a new karaoke player so we will have a good sound system that we can use at the day care center for this program.

Almost every Saturday we are in Ulingan and I see that these kids really have talent and I can’t wait to see all of them in their best performances.


For Our Millions

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I am so excited for this month as I will start on a new investment that I learned when I attended a Bo Sanchez financial course. This is investment in stocks which I will be doing via Citisec’s website.

I have printed the forms but I haven’t got the time to fill it up yet and complete the other documents required like IDs and billing statement. I target to finish all of these next week as I still have to submit it to Citisec to apply for an account so I can start buying stocks online through their website.

Two of my friends already started with this by last quarter of 2012 and their investment are already solid.

I am really claiming that my husband and I will be millionaires when we retire with the help of this stock investment plan.


Me and my Work

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Would you believe that I still went to work last December 31st and before we head to our new year’s eve destination, I even have to drop by Landmark to do some last minute grocery shopping for the 13-fruits that we need on new year’s eve and some stuff that we need for our overnight stay in Laguna.

Yeah, I am that busy. I have a day job and I also have a sideline work plus I have two kids to take care of. I am not complaining as my day job is what helps put on the table plus my sideline work is where I get my share for our monthly amortization for the house. So I am thankful that I have been blessed with more online work to help finance for our needs.

But sometimes it can be really tiring. Imagine working for 8 hours everyday, then I will have to work again at night for my sideline work. Maybe, I should look for body pillow deals so at least I can have a good rest after my very long and tiring day.

My prayer is that I will continue to get more sideline work but I hope I will still have the energy to do all of those.


Tagaytay Quick Getaway

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I was on holiday last December 26 and hubby took a leave too so we find this as an opportunity to go on an out-of-town quick getaway with my family. Where else but to our favorite, Tagaytay.

Since it is not a holiday, we thought that it will not be too busy in Tagaytay and we did not make any reservations on the restaurant where we planned to eat. Wrong. We went straight to Pamana for lunch and we were surprised when we were told that there is a 1-hour waiting time, to think that it is already 1:30 PM (since we left Manila around 11 AM). So we just decided to go to Josephine’s for lunch.
After lunch, we went horse back riding again but it was really cold and it was drizzling so after just a few rounds, we decided to go back to Manila since Bela is requesting to go to Mall of Asia anyways as she wants to go ice skating.

It was a short but fun day with the family, perfect before we all go back to work the next day.

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