Saddest Christmas Ever?

Posted by abie on 10:13 PM in ,
Christmas used to be my favorite holiday. As soon as the “BER” months enter I am excited already and I will already start my Christmas shopping list and will do my Christmas shopping as early as September. Then I will make sure that I will also shop for clothes for my family so that they have something new to wear on Christmas and New Year.

It is not just the shopping that I love about this holiday season but the festive feeling where everybody feels so happy and blessed and they love to spread the love to everybody.

But honestly for this year, I am really not looking forward for Christmas. I have reasons which I would rather keep to myself. My wish is that I will find in my heart to accept the situation because no matter how much I resist and no matter how much I hate it, this will be our setup from now on and I should just learn to accept it.


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