Goodbye Wires

Posted by abie on 1:49 PM in ,
Yehey, I am so happy because finally Howell was able to find the time to buy a WiFi router and changed our existing wired connection at home. I have been requesting this to him for months now (before I give birth) because I find the cables lying around in our living room and bedroom really messy. Plus it will be more convenient if we are connected via WiFi as we can easily connect to the net to check our emails even by just using our iPhone.

So I was really happy when he bought a WiFi router over the weekend and immediately installed it as soon as we get home. He got it from Accent Micro in Mall of Asia. I forgot the brand name but the sales clerk who assisted us said that it is a US brand and it is their most saleable WiFi router.

So now I can check my mails just by using my iPhone and I can even do it while I am feeding Cobi which I cannot do if I am using my laptop. My mom is also happy because she owns an iPhone too so you can see her online regularly in facebook.


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