Still Adjusting

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Agenda for Tonight: Check for car insurance rates as our car’s insurance is due to expire soon and so hubby wants me to check for rates this early so we can get good offers not like our last car insurance which is a little heavy on the budget.

But instead of accomplishing my agenda, I ended up reading tweets of my friends and checking pictures and status of my friends in Facebook. I have been so very lazy these past few days. Probably because I am still adjusting to my new time now as I have to wake up early even if I only slept for less than four hours as I have to go to work. Last Tuesday was my first day back to work after my maternity leave so it has only been a week so my body clock is still adjusting. Thankfully Cobi is cooperative as he wakes up every three hours now to feed instead of every hour during his first month. So at least I get to sleep even for just a few hours before I have to wake up again to prepare for work.

But that is life. I have to work to help my husband with our family’s expenses so I guess I have no choice but to get used to (soon) with my new setup.


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