Sofitel Weekend: Day 2

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We started our second day early. Cobi’s waking time is at 7 AM and so we wake Bela up also so we can get morning sunshine by the bay walk and it was not difficult to wake Bela up as she already has her itinerary set for the day – she will play at the playground, eat breakfast and swim. And so that is what we did.

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Cobi and I sit by the pool while Howell and Bela played at the playground. By 8 AM, we decided to have our buffet breakfast at Spiral. Cobi was so behave as he is already full as I breastfeed him while waiting for Howell and Bela and so he was behave while we are eating. Bela had a good breakfast too – she ate congee, rice and egg, croissant and donuts.

bela 386

After breakfast, Cobi and I went back to our spot near the kiddy pool while Howell and Bela went back to our room to change to their swimming clothes and then they both had a good swim.

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It was already past 12 already when they get out of the pool. We went straight to our room so they can dress up and pack our things and then we went home straight as we still have the birthday party of my Tita Jie to attend to in the evening.

We have no yaya during that weekend. It was just the four of us. It is the first time for us to go out with no help from my mom, my sister or a nanny. I thought we won’t be able to handle it but it was the most fund weekend we have – quality time and great family bonding. Can’t wait to do this again.

You can view more pictures here.


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