Photographing Jewelry

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If you want to make a living with photography, you need to know what you are doing. You may want to take a few classes on photography, and by then you will have the basic knowledge. Photographing jewelry such as John Hardy jewelry is a craft, and one that you need to learn if you are going to end up with beautiful images.

First, you want to acquire a good camera, one that has a lot of features in order to play with the image settings. Finding one with many different exposure settings is best, as you will be photographing the jewelry in many different lights and settings. You'll also want a tripod so your pictures don't come out blurry in any way. Make sure you have a good lens with your camera as well.

Next, make sure the background you are photographing in is clutter-free. If you want a white backdrop, try using a pure white tablecloth or sheet. A lot of jewelry is shiny, which may produce a glare in the picture so you will need to make sure you get the perfect angle that reduces any of this glare.

A close-up image is crucial for jewelry photography, as many people will want to see the details in each piece. This is where you will want to purchase a macro lens, which allows for close-ups and details to emerge.

After you have taken the required photos, you will want to use photo editing software so that you can crop, re-size and adjust your images to how you like them. The best way to get good at photographing jewelry is to practice. Try many different pieces that vary in color, shape and size. You will soon learn how easy it will become to adjust your lighting and settings in order to get the perfect picture.


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