Sofitel Weekend: Day 1

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Because I wanted to have a last adventure (aka bonding time) with my family before I go back to work, we decided to book an overnight stay at Sofitel. I got a membership for a year with Advantage Plus since the membership fee is just a few hundred bucks higher than the rate for overnight accommodation and we just used the free overnight accommodation for our stay from August 28 – 29.

We left after lunch since we have to wait for Howell to get back home since he dropped by at our house in Bulacan to do some errands. Bela did not attend her ballet class and swimming class that day so we can enjoy our family time together.

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We reached the hotel around 1:30 PM and there was a long queue in the reception. By 2 PM we were able to checked in already and go to our room. The free room that we got is just the standard room and comparing it with the rooms that we got in Makati Shang and Pan Pacific, theirs was smaller.

Bela was so excited to go to the pool as she saw it on our way to the reception area so we just rested for a bit and by 3:30 PM, we already went down to the pool area. I guess the hotel was fully booked during that weekend as there are a lot of people in the swimming pool area and we did not even get a chair with shade. Bela and Howell went swimming right away while me and Cobi just watched them as they enjoy the pool.

Surprisingly by 5 PM, Bela wanted to get out of the pool already and she wanted to go to the playground but we told her that she has to change first before she can play. So we went to our room and after changing, we decided to have dinner as we are all hungry already. We decided to have dinner in Dampa and we will just have breakfast in Spiral the next day.

After dinner, Cobi and I went to our room as he is sleeping already while Bela and Howell played for a bit at the playground as Bela won’t stop until he gets to explore the playground. As soon as they are back in our room, I just changed Bela to her PJs and she and her dad doze off to sleep after that.

Here are more pictures.


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