Visit to our House in Bulacan

Posted by abie on 12:32 AM in
Last Sunday, we were able to take time off from our busy schedule so we can go home to our house in Bulacan to check on it and boy we are so surprise with what we saw. Aside from the missing refrigerator and sewing machine, we also noticed that the grass in the garden has grown already that it almost covered the front of the house. Hubby needs to buy a grass cutter and protective glasses (as the grasses are really long and sharp and might hurt his eyes) soon so he can come back this coming weekend to have the grass cut. Otherwise, we might not be able to see our house as it will all be covered with grass.


Hubby is really considering us moving here. He already have some layout options for the house renovation so we can move in here soon. I like the fact that the house is bigger as compared to our house now and the lawn and garden is big so the kids can play inside the garden safely. The only thing that is stopping me from agreeing with hubby’s plan is that it is a bit far from where Bela is studying now and from where I want Cobi to study in the future and I really hate our nosey neighbors whom I think don’t have other much better things to do the whole day but to spread rumors around . So I told hubby that we will try to go home here every weekend so I can get to have a taste of how life is there in the province and then we will decide from there.


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