Let Your Child Help You Cook

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It’s really never too early to let your child join you in the kitchen. As soon as they can stand on a sturdy stool without wobbling, or sit in a chair with a safe booster seat, they can start cooking with you. Between two-and-a-half and three years is a good age to start.

First, take the time to make the kitchen as safe as possible. Push sharp knives that are on the countertop out of the way. Don’t allow your child to go into drawers or cabinets unless you are sure there is nothing dangerous in them. And, of course, supervise them carefully if you are going to let them anywhere around the stove.

Let your child measure flour or sugar into a measuring cup. Give him the proper size cup and let them do the dipping, leveling, and transferring to the bowl or pot. You can always help them put more in if it didn’t all survive the transfer.

If you are chopping items for inclusion into a dish, let your child help transfer them to the bowl or pan. One way to do this safely is to chop a few pieces and then lay the knife down while they pick up the chopped pieces and drop them in the bowl. Then chop a few more, and repeat until everything has been added.

Older children can measure liquid ingredients. Mark the spot on the measuring cup so it is easier for them to see. And, of course, children, no matter what their ages, can stir. Little ones will find that the most fun. Get it started so it won’t be too hard, then give them the spoon and let them finish. Afterward, let them help you scrape the mixture from the bowl into the pan. Websites such as foodily.com have many simple recipes you can do with your children as a fun-filled family activity.


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