I Have a New Toy

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Because Howell lost his cell phone, I am getting a new toy….Howell lost his Iphone last week. I was mad at first when I learned about it because it is my gift for him. But I soon realized that I know he doesn’t want that to happen.

The only spare phone that we have at home is an old, old Nokia 1100 that we bought for our former nanny. Even the housing looks hideous (LOL) but Howell said that he is ok with that phone and he doesn’t have to buy a new phone.

But my mom and my siblings are all saying that he deserves a much better phone. Imagine the boss using an old, outdated phone. LOL. I was supposed to get the Iphone that we have in the store but then we found out about Globe’s 0% offer for all their cell phones. We went to Globe last Friday to apply for a new line for Howell as we already cut his subscription with Smart as we are not happy with their service and their offer for Plan 800 or Plan 1200 is so irresistible. So we ended up signing for a two-year contract for Plan 1200 to get the Iphone 3GS 32 GB payable at 0% interest in 1 year. And guess what, hubby said that he will just use my current Iphone and I can have the 3GS and we will share for the monthly payments for the new Iphone. Amazing (I so love hubby). LOL.

I haven’t opened the phone yet as I will ask hubby or my sister to fix it for me. I am an idiot when it comes to Iphone so I have to ask other people to do it for me. I am excited already. Hubby promised to fix it for me later when he arrives from his team building exercise.


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