On Loosing Weight

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This is hubby a few years ago:

And this is hubby now, a few pounds heavier. LOL.

bela 122
I guess what they say is true that the more you get older, the more weight you will gain. But hubby really needs to loose weight as recommended by his doctor. That is why I am looking for elliptical machines so he can do exercise even at home to help him loose weight. He is actually enrolled at Slimmers but because of his busy schedule, he hasn’t even set his foot at Slimmers World even for just one session. LOL.

I am also considering letting him try South Beach diet which is highly recommended by my friend Jody because his husband is under this program and she said that it is really effective.

I don’t mean to torture hubby (LOL) and force him to loose weight but I just really wanted him to stay healthy.


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