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Since the tenants of our 2 apartments is giving us so much stress and headache, hubby and I are thinking if we should just sell the property. I actually don’t want the location of that property. We just got it at a very affordable price that is why hubby decided to buy it. I did not even take a look at it when the seller was offering us the house. I told hubby that he take a look at it without me as I will surely say No if I see it.

And now we want to check for our credit report so we can get a new property instead after we sold the 2-door apartment. I told hubby that the stress that our two tenants is giving us is not worth it and I would rather get a new property to get rid of the two tenants that we currently have.

I actually wanted the two tenants to evacuate but unfortunately, Philippine law is more in favor of the tenants who does not know how to honor their obligations as the law dictates that we can’t force them to evacuate the property unless they fail to pay 3 months rent and after that, we should give them 3 months allowance, for them to find a new house where they can move to. So frustrating, that is why it would be wise and less stress for us if we will just sell the property.


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