All Our Bags are Packed...Not

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Before, I always pack in advance every time we go on a trip just to be sure that I will not forget anything but I am so busy these past few weeks that it is only now (2 days before our trip) that I am starting to pack for our things.

Doing inventory of padalas. Para sure na wala maiwan

I am currently doing an inventory now of all the pasalubongs that I will bring for my friends in the US. It won’t fit in one bag so I have to distribute them to our luggages and my mom’s so I wrote down everything just to be sure which one goes to who.

I am also helping hubby pack his stuff as he is leaving later. He have to go ahead of us as his office was not able to book him a flight with the same as ours.

We were able to finish everything by 2 AM and it was a success as we were able to fit everything (except for the Martys Cracklings and Kornets of Glo from me and Aggie. Sorry sis).

Now it is time for us to go to bed as hubby has to wake up by 4 AM for his 7:45 AM flight.


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