Planning Another Business

Posted by abie on 2:29 PM in
I may not be the right person to discuss how to manage money properly for I know in myself that I spend a lot of money buying my wants. But even though I'm quite a shopaholic type, I know that I'm still able to support my family financially because I still know how to budget my money.

Actually, I'm planning to invest on other business and I'm also thinking to consider gold bullion as a great investment because I've learned that it can be a good source of money since it's value doesn't depreciate in time. I'm planning to suggest this to hubby but I don't know of he will approve this but then, I know he will because this is for the benefit of our family especially to our children.

As of now, I'm still researching for the possible pros and cons of the businesses that I'm planning to have. I hope that I'll be able to push through with this since this can be a great help in our family finances.


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