Artist in the Kitchen

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It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, time, talent and not to mention money, before one can become a chef. That is why if one earns that status, he is really proud to wear his chef coat as it is his status symbol for being a true artist in the kitchen.

Restaurant owners acknowledge the great talent of these chefs and they know that the life of the best restaurant depends on how great the chef is. And so one way to give due credit to the chefs is by providing them with the best chef coats from ID by Landau.

As their tagline says “Nothing Says Chef Like a Chef Coat from ID by Landau” and this is true as they provide nothing but the best chef uniforms from coats to chef pants and even hats. Their chef coats are specially designed with the needs of the chefs in mind that is why it offers great features like a collar that reflects heat and a Houndstooth fabric that is bleach resistant.

If your chefs are dressed by ID by Landau, they will really feel recognized and special which will make your chef presentable to restaurant guests and can help make your chef be inspired to create more great food.


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