Ready For Big School

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June 15 will be Bela’s first day at St. Scholastica. I am excited because this will be another adventure for Bela as she enters big school but scared in a way because I know that it will be a big adjustment for her. That is why I already filed a leave from June 15 – 16 so at least I will be with her during her first two days at big school. I wanted to take a leave for a week but since I will be going on maternity leave soon, I have a lot of things to finish at work before I go on maternity leave so I can’t afford to be away from the office that long.

Her things for school are all complete. Thank you to my sister since she was the one who shop for the remaining things that Bela needs for school like the plain white rubber shoes for her P.E, the bag tags, the wrapper and the plastic cover and she was even the one who covered the books of Bela.

My little girl is already ready for big school. I really hope that she will have lots of fun and lots of learning on her new school. I can’t wait to see what will happen next week.


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