Moved In

Posted by abie on 11:25 PM in
Just days before Jacobo arrives, we were finally able to move to our new room which is bigger compared to the current room where we are staying. We spent our first night in this room last June 15.

Howell and my dad removed all the built in cabinets and repainted the wall and changed the flooring. The room is still bare as it only has our bed, Bela’s bed and my closet. There is a big free space on the wall facing our bed and it would really be nice to have an LCD TV installed on it so I am really tempted to buy one for our room. Even Bela is requesting to have a television in our room. But I am scared to make any big purchases now because I know hubby has a lot of expenses under his shoulder now and then I have to think of the added expense with the coming of Jacobo so I guess that LCD TV can wait. I am really hoping that business will continue to do good in the coming months so I can save up for this TV.


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