Paranoid Mommy

Posted by abie on 12:26 AM in
The news that has been circulating regarding kidnapping and abduction of young children is making me feel paranoid. I heard stories when kids in the mall will just be grabbed without being noticed by the parents or kids will be tricked by the bad guys so the innocent kids will go with them either to kidnap them or get all their valuables and belongings.

That is why whenever we are out, my husband and I always sees to it that at least one of us is with our kids even if we have our nannies to help us. We don’t know how smart these crooked guys are that our nannies can easily fall as their victims.

And speaking of nannies, it is also important that we conduct criminal background check since these are people that we allow to enter our homes and entrust our kids. We don’t want to go home one day and find out that our kids have been abducted by our nannies.

I am lucky as my parents are living with us so they get to monitor the nannies while my husband and I leave for work. Otherwise, I would have resigned and leave my work as I can’t bear the fact that I will leave my kids the whole day with just the nannies.


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