On USB Drive & Trojan Virus

Posted by abie on 3:40 PM in
I just finished reformatting and reinstalling all the applications on my stand alone and networked PC. I have to reformat it since both were infected by a virus. This is the second time that I caught a virus from a USB drive. The first one was our home PC when my sister inserted her USB drive to our PC and the second one is when my officemate asked for my help in reformatting her USB drive.

One thing I learned is that USB drive is really dangerous. Since it’s mobile and has a big capacity we always use it to store all our files and we just connect it to any PC that we can use. Like the USB drive of my sister, she connects it to PCs in the internet cafĂ© which I think is where she got the virus. And since virus spread so fast, USB Drive can easily get infected.

So the next time you try to use a USB drive make sure that it is free from virus and you should have a powerful anti virus software installed on your PC to detect and clean the virus.


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