Sad News: Bye Sophie

Posted by abie on 12:28 AM in
Last Tuesday, we received very sad news that our Labrador Sophie passed away. Sophie was hubby’s gift to me when I was pregnant with Cobi so he was Cobi’s age. We got a text from our care taker in Bulacan that Sophie was sick for 3 days now and she was not eating. Hubby arranged for a jeepney to pick Sophie in Bulacan right away to bring here in Manila so we can have a veterinarian checked her.

On the way to Bulacan, we received a text message that Sophie passed away already. Hubby was mad. We should have been informed of what was happening with Sophie since she was sick for 3 days already. We felt guilty also because we could have made a way to save her life.

But there is nothing that we can do anymore. But we still have one Labrador left and we just have to make effort to save her also. We haven’t visited Bulacan in months now so we were really surprised when we saw our other Labrador Sassy, so thin and really malnourished. Hubby decided to bring her back here in Manila so we can personally take care of her.

That is why we are looking for wireless electric fence so Sassy can roam freely in our garage. We will also take her to a vet this weekend and have her checked. I just hope that it is still not too late for Sassy. I don’t know how we will take it if she too will leave us.


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