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Bought this for my mom from Amazon:

For my mom
It is a digital blood pressure monitor. My mom’s blood pressure is so erratic and is always on the high side that is why it is very important that she monitors her blood pressure all the time. And since she will be going with us to our vacation, I decided to get her one so she has something portable and reliable to bring so she can check her blood pressure every now and then during our trip just to be sure of her condition.

I told her that I got her a digital blood pressure monitor and I explained to her how it works. She asked me if she has to position it at heart level and when I said yes, she and my sister said right away that for sure, it will be difficult to use since they have tried something like that before. But when her new gadget arrived, she tested it and it work like a charm. She did not have a hard time looking for the heart position as there was a light indicator which tells if you are in the right position or not.

My mom was just so happy with her new tool and I even jokingly told her that she can even wear it like a watch. LOL.

Now my next project is to get my mom and dad Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Advantage so they have a health insurance which can cover all their medical related expenses. My parents most of the time skip a trip to their doctors because they are worried about the medical bills. So with a health insurance, there is no need for them to worry and they can have checkups with their doctors anytime they need to have one.


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