A Parent's Pain

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Nothing is more important to my husband and me than our kids. They are our source of joy and inspiration. They are the reason why my husband and I have been working really hard so we will be able to give them all the best this world has to offer.

Every time they are sick and in pain, we as their parents, are the first one to get hurt seeing them suffer. If only we can take all the pain away, we will whole-heartedly do it for our kids.

That is why I can feel the pain that my friend is experiencing now after seeing her child suffer from cleft lip. My friend is actually blaming herself for what happened because her doctor suspects that it could be caused by the medicine that she took for her migraine while she was pregnant. But it could also be the fault of the doctor who prescribed the medicine.

These are just some of the common medical mistakes that could have easily been avoided if physicians have a way of communicating amongst each other faster and easily. This is the aim of Doximity.

Doximity is an application that doctors can use to communicate and exchange ideas with their colleagues to improve patient care. With this application, they can easily check the profile of a particular doctor, let say of Peter Youssef MD, if one doctor needs to consult on something that is the specialty of Youssef.

This application also allows instant sharing of files, images and text messages as it provides tool for doctors to efficiently exchange ideas.

With Doximity, patient care can definitely improve a lot.


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