Easter at the Farm

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I am so busy this week and the coming week as I still have a lot of pending work to finish before I take a 3-week off from work. But let me just make this post abut my family’s Easter celebration at the farm before I totally forget to post about it again.

We decided to celebrate Easter in our house in Pandi which we haven’t done in a long while now. We are all excited as Pandi brings a lot of our childhood memories since this is where we always celebrate special occasion when we were still kids.

So we left the house around 9 AM and by 10 AM we were already at the farm. Howell brought out all the toys in the storage for the kids to enjoy. We even put out the inflatable pool so kids and adult alike can enjoy a dip. Then we had Easter egg hunting too.

Since it was a very hot day, we decided to go to a nearby resort for some real swimming since we haven’t had our summer outing yet. Thankfully we found a nice, clean resort near our house which is not crowded unlike Amana and Villa Concepcion. So right after eating lunch and Easter egg hunt, we all went to Villa Manaoag.

Of course all the kids had fun swimming. After swimming we went back to our house for late snack and then we head back home to Manila.

We all wish that we can do this more often.


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