Preparing the Clothing Racks and Mannequins: For the Soon-To-Be Opening of Her Small Boutique

Posted by abie on 10:15 PM
I was at the house of my friend the other night and she was so excited to give me the good news about the soon-to-be opening of her daughter’s small boutique.

It is just the hobby of her daughter to design and make clothes and since she really has the talent, her mom helped her with the funding and so she was able to create her first clothing line which she will feature in her boutique’s grand opening.

Her boutique is just located inside the compound of their property and it is just a small space, as they don’t want to rent a bigger place for now as they are just starting. Good thing they were able to maximize the space by putting Clothing Racks where they hang some of their stocks with the use of Wooden Hangers. This created an additional storage area which they really need ay they have a limited space inside the boutique.

They also checked out mannequins for sale as they would like to setup up a small display to showcase her daughter’s clothing line.

My friend is a real stage mom as she is giving her 100% support (time and money) for her daughter.

I wish them good luck and we know that she has the talent to make it big someday.


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