Good News: 4 + 1 Makes 5

Posted by abie on 5:36 AM in
We were just chatting with hubby’s best friend last weekend and they are very busy checking out trailers at texaspridetrailers.com as they will be starting their trailer rental business soon. They are really excited as they moved to Texas from New York to start this business. They have been planning about this and we know how much time and effort they have spent so I am really hoping and praying that everything will turn out as planned.

As for us, we have our own good news too:

Yes, we are expecting our 3rd baby. I did not realize that I was 1 month delayed already and it was only my friend who reminded me to have a pregnancy test and lo and behold, I turned out positive. LOL.

I think this baby is made in Paris, since hubby and I just came back from a 3-weeks vacation after hubby attended training in Frankfurt. I already visited my OB and my expected due date is May 26, 2014.

We are really thrilled and very thankful for this great blessing. I was actually surprised and worried at first because I am not sure if we can afford to have another child, but this is God’s will and we are accepting it with open arms.


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