To Check

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There are still quite a few things that needs to be checked in our house:

• The heater in our bathroom is not working. We are not sure if we are just missing something or it is already broken. My aunt will try to send his electrician on Sunday to check on it and we really wanted this done soon as we have to heat water for the kids every time they take a bath which they love more now since they love playing in the bath tub. (Almost everyday they take a bath in the bathtub and I think they consume half steel drum of water everyday. I know that is bad but I am just letting them enjoy it for now as we just moved in so they are still excited to try out new things in our house).
• The light bulb in the living room needs to be replaced too
• The window in the kitchen
• The door of the commercial space that we are renting out

I am sure hubby has more on his list. But I am glad we are a little settled now and all the things that we need often have already been unpacked and has been placed in their proper places already.

So a few more weekend left and we can start relaxing and enjoy our new home.


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