What I Learned about Siem Reap

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In my short stay in Siem Reap, I have learned the following: 

1. I may not be the arts and culture type of girl, but I so love architecture and history as I fell in love with all the temples that we visited in Siem Reap. On the top of my list is Pre Rup and Bayon temple.
 2. There are a lot of vendors outside the temples and if they offer you their goods, don’t say “later.” I said this to one of the girls on our way inside the temple and on our way out she kept on insisting that I buy something from her as she waited for me because I said later.
3. Most hotels have free wifi and some are not even protected by password so we were able to get free Internet connection all the time. But we have to make sure also that our laptop has an updated virus scanner, especially when connecting to unsecured networks.
4. If you will visit the temple, make sure that your shoes are comfortable and water proof. LOL. I was wearing my Toms on our first day and it suddenly rained that my Toms are drenched. Then I realized that it is the reason why the tourists are wearing either flip-flops or Crocs. Good thing I brought 2 pairs of Melissa shoes also.
5. Restaurants surrounding the temples are more expensive compared to restaurants downtown. One meal of rice and viand cost around $4 in the small eateries around the temple when it only cost $2-$3 downtown.
6. Bring a lot of cash when in Siem Reap as majority of the establishments don’t accept credit cards. Even the big restaurants around the temples, the office where you can buy the tickets for the temples and souvenir shops don’t offer a credit card facility. Some shops will have a sign that they accept credit cards but the staff doesn’t know how to use it that we will end up paying in cash.
7. Souvenirs being sold by the kids outside the temple are definitely cheaper compared to the big souvenir shops downtown. The water globe that I bought from one of the vendors in Ta Phrom temple cost only $3 while it is priced at $15 in the big souvenir shops downtown.
8. 3.5 days is not enough to visit all the temples and don’t think that you have seen them all if you visited one as each temple has each of its own characteristics.


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