Manila Bay Prestige Cruises: Review

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As I promised, I will make a review of our Prestige Cruises Manila Bay experience and so here it is.

Before Boarding: Prestige Cruises Manila Bay Dinner CruiseOn BoardWith my FamilyMore pics. With the Big Ferris Wheel mala SG Flyer daw & Londo Eye in the Background

I got the voucher on promo from one of the discount shopping sites a few months back. I never bothered looking at the reviews as I thought that it would be good experiences trying out a dinner cruise along Manila Bay. The voucher will be expiring on January 27 and since I only have 2 weeks left, I figured that my birthday would be the perfect time to use the voucher.

All weekends of January are already fully booked so you really have to reserve in advance if you want to join the weekend cruise. I booked for the Thursday cruise scheduled to leave at 8 PM.

Hubby and I were early at their boarding area as we went straight there from work. We were able to register as soon as we arrive even if they mentioned that registration would start at 7 PM, so we were the first in line.

Their procedure for boarding is organized, as they will call per group according to the registration list, which is just fair for those who arrived early. We were the first one to be called and so we were able to get good seats.

I already received a lot of negative feedbacks about the cruise and I prepared myself for the worst. The crews are all friendly and helpful but the reviews that I read about the buffet are true. There is a very long line in the buffet station as they only setup one buffet station (at the 1st level of the ship) which will serve all 200 guests on board the ship so you can just imagine how long will you have to line up to get your food. Although the crews are helping out the senior citizens and those with kids by serving the food instead of letting them line up so my parents, my sister-in-law and I were able to eat right away.

The food is so-so. Everything tastes the same and they are all bland. They serve vegetable salad but they don’t have any salad dressing. The way they setup the buffet stations also defeats the concept of a buffet style dining as you will not be able to go back for a second round as the cruise will last for only an hour and so with the long line, you will not have much time to line up again to get food.

There is a live entertainment on board and they have great instrument too and so they were able to play good music that entertained the guest during the cruise. My dad really enjoyed their music that he was even inviting my mom to give him the honor of a dance. LOL.

If you will ask me if I will try the cruise again, I would say that I am happy I did it once with my family and I will probably just spend my money on some other restaurants that I know can offer much more.


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