Justin Bieber Party Supplies for the Ultimate Bieber Fever Party

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One Time
Somebody to Love
One Less Lonely Girl
Eenie Meenie
U Smile
Love Me
Never Say Never
Never Let you go
Favorite Girl

Does it ring a bell? If you don’t know the answer, ask your tweens and they will even sing each of the songs to you. These are the top 10 songs of today’s teen idol, Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber is so popular now among tweens that you will often hear your daughters blush upon hearing about Bieber fever. That is why it would surely delight your tween birthday celebrant if you will throw a Justin Bieber party for her.

Planning for a Justin Bieber themed party is no sweat if you will get your Party supplies from zurchers.com.

Zurchers is an online site, which sells different kinds of party supplies from children’s birthday party supplies, baby shower supplies, wedding supplies and more. It is very easy to shop from their site as you can browse by theme like ladybug birthday party supplies, Mardi Gras, Superbowl, etc; by Party Supplies like balloons, party decorations, invitations and more or even by Event like Birthday, Wedding and Baby Shower.

You can buy a lot of justin bieber party supplies from Zurchers for that ultimate Justin Bieber party. Here are some of those:
1. Justin Bieber invitations. Purple is one of Justin’s favorite and this cute invitation from Zurchers will surely get the guests excited about the party. The invitation is 5.5” in length and 4” wide and comes in packs of 8.
2. Justin Bieber Plates and Cups. The plates and cups come in purple and silver theme, which is typical as Justin Bieber’s color styles. They both come in packs of 8. The plate is 7” in diameter while the cups are 4" in length and 3" wide and can be use to serve hot and cold beverages.

3. Justin Bieber Loot Bags. To say thank you to all the guests for celebrating with your daughter, you can distribute loots bags after for souvenir. Zurchers sells loots bags with Justin Bieber theme that is 9" in length and 7" wide and comes in packs of 8 also. The loot bags can be filled with Justin Bieber stickers, tattoos, straws and more.
4. Justin Bieber Lifesize Standup. I am sure the birthday celebrant and her friends will blush over this cute standup of their idol. This can be placed in the door to welcome the guests where the girls can have pictures beside their star.

Planning for a Justin Bieber themed party is just a breeze, thanks to the cute party supplies from Zurchers. For sure, this Bieber fever party will be one of those memorable events that your birthday girl will never forget.


Wow I’m sure most of our teens will love to have a themed party like this with invitations, cups, loot bags and other Party supplies with Justin Bieber’s picture. Now getting all birthday supplies is easier and more fun with a lot of themes to choose from Zuchers. I wonder what my little boy would like for his coming birthday.

Kids’ parties nowadays are more creative and fun. Themed parties are now the “in” thing, much better because it is more organized and personal depending on the needs and wants of the celebrant. Just like seeing those justin bieber party supplies, I bet my niece who’s such a fun of JB will definitely request a Bieber themed party. :)

The justine bieber party supplies are in demand, I should know because my 12 year-old nephew wants to have a justin bieber party this coming October and my sister in law bought so much already.

Kids know about Justin Bieber and they often times imitate him singing and dancing. I will not wonder anymore if kids will ask their parents to have a Justin Bieber themed party. Good thing, parents will not have a hard time looking for Bieber party stuff for zurchers.com has them. Thanks for sharing the site.

Kaje says:

Just when I thought the Bieber fever have finally mellowed down, I received an email from a friend asking for suggestions about her daughter’s 13th birthday party. It turns out my friend is looking for justin bieber party supplies for the “Favorite Girl” themed party. I will show her this post and mention that Zurchers has all the supplies she might need for the party.

Having a theme for a children's party sets the mood of the host as well as the visitors. However, it can get pretty expensive when you plan out a party that has a them because everything has to be streamlined. Good thing as there are a lot of discount party supplies online that we can easily source out.

My cousin is an ultimate Justin Bieber fan. We have been racking our brains out for the perfect theme for his party and it did not occur to us that Bieber fever can be the perfect theme for him. Thanks for sharing this information about zurchers.com. We will definitely order justin bieber party supplies from them so we can easily and successfully execute the theme that we want to achieve for our cousin’s party.

I have been looking for cute and affordable justin bieber party supplies for my daughter's party as she and her friends absolutely love Justin Bieber! The invitation alone can already make those girls giddy with excitement. Thanks for the heads up!

Right now, I am not decided yet whether I proceed canvassing for ladybug birthday party supplies or other party themed supplies for my daughter's first birthday. Her birthday is still 7 months away but I wish to start planning early to avoid cramming and the rush. Thanks for the party ideas recommendations.

The Justin Bieber party concert is one party idea that we have for my son's 7th birthday next year. I will surely look at these justin bieber party supplies to make everything theme related. He will surely be excited for this party because he likes Justin Bieber so much !

For my daughter's 6th birthday, we might consider having a lady bug theme, for I've seen so many cute and affordable ladybug birthday party supplies online to snag! That is, if my daughter would love the idea.

My niece who will turn 9 this coming June is a huge fan of Justin Bieber. As early as now she is planning for her "party" (she claims to have one.LOL) and I am sure she will be ecstatic to know that there are justin bieber party supplies.

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