Our Little Explorer

Posted by abie on 10:47 AM in
Meet our little explorer:

He will be turning 2 years old in just a few days. He is indeed our little explorer as he is so curious that he loves to check out anything that he sees at home. He loves to touch the blade of the electric fan, the power outlets, and he even won’t stop bothering his elder sister’s pet bird. LOL.

This reminds us that we really should start baby proofing our home by installing kids switchplate covers, bumper guards, wall fence and more.

Just recently he had an accident when he bumped his head on the corner of the sofa. He had a contusion that my husband and I can’t even look at him. But I guess that it is part of growing up.

As what my parents always tells us, we don’t have to be over protective. We should let our kids enjoy and have fun as this is how they will learn.


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