Bela in Grade 1

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It has been a month since my Bela started in Grade 1. I am the usual paranoid and worried mom because I know that grade school will be a big adjustment for my daughter. Imagine from having only 2 teachers in Pre-school, she will now have 8 teachers for all her subjects including her homeroom teacher.
Back to school

Bela is still very playful and so I worry that she might have a hard time adjusting, as I know that it is already serious matter in grade 1. I got a bit worried actually on Bela’s 2nd week in school (the first week when she met all her subject teachers) as she came home sad because according to her, she got a lot of warnings from teacher because of her playfulness.

I don’t want to pressure my daughter but I tried to remind her everyday that she really has to behave and listen to teacher. Little by little she adjusted. On her 2nd week, she told me that she only got 2 warnings, from her everyday warnings the 1st week. Then on the next week, she said that she no longer got a warning from teacher. She is also doing well in her subjects as I can see that her test results are all ok.

I guess I should have listened to my husband from the start. He told me that I should not worry too much and just trust my daughter because he knows that Bela is a smart girl and soon, she will get use to the routines in Grade 1.

Well you know how mommies are. If I can only follow my daughter every where she goes, even going to the extent of installing gps vehicle tracking device, I would do that if only to ensure her safety.

I guess all mommies are like that. We worry on even the smallest things because we don’t want our kids to get hurt. I pray that Bela will continue to adjust in her new setup in school. I want her to learn but I would still want her to enjoy in the process.


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