Crossing Canada from US

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As I posted in my previous entry, I already booked our tickets for our round trip ticket to New York and Los Angeles via award miles. Since hubby suggested that we visit my mom’s best friend also in Toronto, Canada, I also need to book for cheap airfares coming from either Washington, DC or New York to Toronto and I almost fell to my sit when I saw how expensive it can be (More than $1200 all in for 3 adults, 1 child and 1 infant).

If only we haven’t promised to my mom’s friend that we are coming and if only we did not paid for our Canadian visa already, we might think twice if we will push through in crossing Canada or not.

When Howell suggested that we go to Canada, I decided that we apply for visa as soon as we are done applying for Cobi and my mom’s visa so I can use all the financial documents that I use to apply for a US visa for our Canadian visa application. So there was just an interval of one week between our US and Canadian visa application so I was not able to do thorough research on airfare going to Toronto. What I did is just check how cheap the bus from New York to Toronto is and I did not check how for the travel time. What I just checked that time was the price and when I saw that it is only $360, right then and there, I went to the bank to get Manager’s check for our visa processing fee and applied for a visa.

It was only last week when I discovered that the travel time from New York to Toronto via bus is minimum of 11 hours which for sure is very difficult for the kids. So I checked the airfare and was surprised at how expensive can it get,

But I guess, we really have no choice so hubby and I have to work doubly hard to earn money to cover for our airfare from New York or DC to Toronto as it is not included in our original budget.


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